Jasper County MO Recent Arrests

Jasper County MO Recent Arrests

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Our Mission

All members of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office will work together to provide professional law enforcement service and preserve the peace for the people of the County through a respectful, well-trained and focused work force.

Our Vision

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office will strive to be a leader in law enforcement and demonstrate excellence in service to the community.

Recent Arrests From Jasper County MO.

Jasper County was established as a governmental entity January 29, 1841, with the split log house of George Hornback at the pioneer village of Jasper on a bluff above Spring River designated the first, temporary courthouse/county seat.

  • Jasper County is a first class county that has 641 square miles of territory with a population of 117,404.
  • There are 940 miles of County maintained roads, 348.8 miles of State and Federal maintained highways, and 548.29 miles of roadways inside cities of Jasper County.
  • Jasper County was established on January 29, 1841.
  • Governor Thomas Reynolds appointed John P. Osborn as Jasper County’s first Sheriff, who served from 1841 – 1846.
  • Carthage was chosen as the county seat on March 28, 1842.



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