Woman who Accused Ex-Cops of Rape Laughing After Alleged Incident

As indicated by police notes, the Brooklyn teen who accused two ex-NYPD detectives of rape was “laughing and being vulgar” few moments after the alleged incident.

The young woman, who is also called Anna Chambers, also told police investigators at the time that she was never threatened by other officers to withdraw her claim which her lawyer has claimed happened.

Lt. Frank Abbriano talked with Chambers, then 18, at Maimonides Medical Center on September 16, a couple of hours after she says she was handcuffed and raped by Detective Eddie Martins and compelled to perform oral sex on his partner, Detective Richard Hall, in the back of a police van in Brooklyn.

Abbriano later told investigators with the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau that Chambers’ demeanor “seemed off” and that “her reaction was very different from other sexual-assault victims he has encountered in the past,” according to the notes.

“The Lt. stated the CV [complaining victim] was laughing and being vulgar. She said she was taking narcotics, but he was not sure why the CV was acting in that manner,” the notes said.

Chambers’ lawyer, Michael David, has said a crew of cops, including a captain and deputy inspector showed up at Maimonides at one point as part of a “high-level effort to bully” Chambers into not reporting the alleged rape.

According to the police interview notes, Chambers never told officials that she felt intimidated.

“Her claims to the media that she was pressured to drop the charges by a small army of police officers are patently false,” Mark Bederow, who represents Martins, told The Post.

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