Woman Involved in Taco Bell Robbery Faces 52 Years in Prison

The woman who was allegedly involved in an attempted robbery at the Cottonwood Taco Bell in January is facing a possible maximum sentence of 52 years in prison should she decide to go to trial and is found guilty on all counts.

Tia Stevens, 36, was arrested four days after the attempted robbery. Stevens told police she aided Zion Plotnikoff, 18, the other suspect indicted in the robbery, out of fear of him.

Plotnikoff told police Stevens offered him 40 percent of the profit from the robbery, however, he denied being part of the robbery and claimed the man with Stevens during the robbery was her husband.

Amid a Donald hearing at Yavapai Superior Court in Camp Verde on Monday, Prosecuting Attorney Patti Wortman told the court Stevens was out on release after a probation violation in a 2015 aggravated assault case when the Taco Bell crime happened.

As indicated by the court records, Stevens is presently facing six charges in the robbery case, including aggravated assault, unlawful flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle and tampering with evidence. If Stevens decide to go to trial and is found guilty on all counts, she faces a maximum of 47 years in prison.

The earlier case adds an extra two-year penalty to each count.

Stevens is also charged in a second case and could face 3.75 years maximum which will bring the potential sentence to 52 years.

The prosecution and defense also deliberated the plea offer on the table.

The plea agreement would offer a maximum of 24.5 years with a condition Stevens must serve no less than five years.

Judge Bluff told Stevens he was not persuaded to sentence her to more than 11 years based on Wortman’s recommendation, stating it was “reasonable.” But he also stated he could not guarantee without hearing from victims and reading a pre-sentence report.

“I can’t see myself getting into the 20-year range,” Bluff said.

According to Wortman, the plea agreement has been on the table for “two to three weeks.” Bluff scheduled the next meeting in Stevens’ case for June 25.

“You’ll have to make a decision on what to do at that point,” Bluff told Stevens.

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