Woman Arrested for Trying to Organize Underage Prostitution Ring

Kyasha Tisdale has been arrested by Colorado Springs police detectives on Thursday who was attempting to recruit ladies into a multi-state prostitution ring, alongside a 17-year-old girl runaway she met on a bus.

Tisdale is facing multiple charges related to sex trafficking in the wake of being arrested at a bus station on S. Weber Street in Colorado Springs following a long-term undercover investigation.

According to Police reports, Tisdale wanted to lead an all-female sex ring while in California, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana.

Tisdale was heading to the Springs to meet with two ladies she wanted to select the sex ring, and police said one of them was 16 years old. It’s not clear if the two ladies Tisdale intended to meet were part of the investigation.

Tisdale was met at the bus station by detectives and it was discovered that she had become a close acquaintance with the runaway teen while traveling from Phoenix, Arizona. According to police, the teen is initially from Utah and will be returned back to relatives.

Tisdale was charged with a slew of felonies, including: third-degree felony Human Trafficking of a Child, fourth-degree felony Inducement of Child Prostitution, fourth-degree felony Pimping of a Child, fourth-degree felony Procurement of a Child, Pandering of a Child, fifth-degree felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child, fourth-degree felony Pimping, and misdemeanor Pandering.

It’s not clear if Tisdale is likewise facing federal charges because of the alleged ring being in different states.




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