Veteran Police Officer Arrested on Multiple Assault Charges

Khurram Abbas Chaudhary, 31, an Alexandria police officer has been arrested after multiple accusations of domestic assault incidents over a six-month time span.

Chaudhary was arrested and charged on Friday with rape, malicious wounding by caustic substance, and domestic assault and battery by Prince William County police.

Chaudhary was arrested after an internal complaint was received by Alexandria Police last week after the domestic violence allegations and then reached out to Prince William County police to investigate. Chaudhary is an almost four-year veteran police officer of the Alexandria Police Department.

Multiple domestic assault incidents occurred between Chaudhary and a 30-year-old woman between June 2017 and January 2018 at a home in the Woodbridge region of Prince William County where they lived respectively, according to Prince William County police.

In one of the several alleged incidents, Chaudhary pushed the victim before hauling out a knife and pressing it against the victim although she was not harmed in that incident.

In another incident, a verbal fight prompted Chaudhary throwing an acidic substance onto the victim, making a burning sensation to her face, hands, and feet, according to the police.

A third incident accused Chaudhary of sexually attacking the victim.

While the Alexandria Police Department said its investigation remains ongoing, it put Chaudhary on administrative leave and removed him of his police powers on Friday in connection with his arrest.

Chaudhary is being held without bond and his court date is pending.


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