US Bank Employee Arrested for Domestic Assault

According to recent reports, 36-year-old Farkhod I. Salamov from Minneapolis, Minnesota with an average body size who a staff of the US BANK has been arrested due to an alleged domestic assault reported by a fellow native of the same community.

According to the report, Salamov assaulted the victim after a brief argument in a nearby pub. It was said that Salamov who is an employee of the US BANK administered some good punches leaving his victim face swollen on the floor.

We believe that with further investigation, the truth will be revealed and necessary action will be taken.

As a staff of a prestigious organization such as the US BANK, it is a blow on the image of the country knowing that the bank harbors a criminal if the result from further investigation proves him guilty. We believe that a CCTV footage of the incident should be enough to decide the fate of the accused.

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