Three Suspects in Deadly Loris Robbery Plead Guilty in Federal Court

Three men are facing more than 10 years in prison for shooting a Loris convenience store owner twice amid a 2016 robbery.

Jim Tracy Miller, Demetrius Altman and Jonathan Stefan Vanderhorst all pleaded guilty to federal crimes and will be sentenced at a later date. Altman and Miller face up to 40 years in prison. While Vanderhorst, who fired the lethal shots, faces life behind bars.

According to Prosecutors, Vanderhorst shot and killed Edy Boudagh who is the owner of Loris Market and Beverage, during a robbery on May 16, 2016. He also shot at the owner’s wife. According to authorities, Miller was in the store with Vanderhorst during the robbery, and Altman was in a vehicle outside the store.

The three fled and a four-hour manhunt followed which led to the lockdown of Loris schools in May 2016.

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