Is The Outback Vision Protocol is a SCAM?

Outback Vision SCAM
Outback Vision SCAM

Is this product / a pitch or a SCAM?  As soon as you purchase the product, you will be offered the same product in “maximum strength” formula.  Don’t want to purchase that, will stay tuned for several more pitches and offers before you can even check out.

It’s scam-like in it’s promotion and maintenance.  It’s difficult to conduct business, or focus on one goal because you are bombarded with other offers, similar offers, and even crap like “get the improved formula for just a little higher cost” . I mean, that just chaps my ass when I click to purchase a product and the first thing they try to sell me is a better version of their own product? That’s freaking stupid, does everyone agree on that?

“This is a TOTAL SCAM, and you are an idiot if you order this” a comment from an anonymous source.  We believe that for the most part, ALL IT IS, IS A VEGAN DIET.  That is the big secret.

Go look yourself and research.  This DOES WORK, but it is no secret.  Vegan diet kills free radicals and cures and prevents cancer.   Vegan diet is not only a cancer-killing BEAST (ironic) it is humane and ethical, it is environmentally sound.  It is the intended way, it is the goal, it is the future.  To all you meat eaters, EAT-UP!  LOL.. eat up, have seconds and thirds.  Stuff that shit down.  Then smoke a pack of Winston’s.

The meek shall inherent the earth





Proof of order on 10/12/2017 Outback Vision is a SCAM
Proof of order on 10/12/2017 Outback Vision is a SCAM

Anyone could start a pitch for any illness and provide a vegan diet as the solution, and they WOULD NOT BE LYING, but these scam pitches are selling NOTHING but what I am telling you here. Vegan diet is the secret.

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