Suspect in Shooting Death of 15-Year-Old West Memphis Girl Arrested

The West Memphis Police Department has reported that a man has been arrested for the death of a 15-year-old girl.

According to police, Kelton Moore has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Jordyne Craig.

According to Craig’s family, the victim was shot on June 9 while she was walking home from a store with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s grandmother.

Moore has likewise been charged with attempted murder for shooting Craig’s boyfriend, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm.

According to residents in the West Memphis neighborhood, Moore has been in trouble many times before but believes he may just be sticking around the wrong people.

Just like Chris Jackson, a West Memphis native, who says he also got caught up with the wrong people.

“There’s no sense in it. I was a fool,” Jackson said.

Jackson was shot four times and lost his eye.

He says it changed his life and now, with two children and two grandchildren, he recognizes it’s time for everything to stop.

He lives on the same street where Craig died and worries as the violence come closer and closer to home.

Other neighbors who didn’t know any of the people involved in either shooting say enough is enough. They are simply tired of the violence in the neighborhood.

Moore was arrested on Friday in connection to Craig’s murder.

West Memphis police say that Moore, alongside his grandmother, were both the victims of a drive-by shooting on June 6.

Moore sustained injuries to his hand while his 81-year-old grandmother was shot in the leg.

It occurred one street over from where he is accused of murdering the young girl.

The grandma declined an interview but said she didn’t think the two incidents were connected.

A suspect named Desmon Mason was arrested for that shooting.

In the meantime, neighbors don’t care whether it was about retaliation they just think it’s time for the parents to step up.

“Y’all bring it on the news every night. Do you know where your children are? No, you don’t, because you don’t care. Get it together,” A woman who didn’t want to show her face but has lived in the are for 60 years said.

She says she saw Craig’s body in the street after the shooting and thinks it’s all just senseless.

She says crime not only needs to get out of her neighborhood but come to an end.

“Wherever y’all are bringing it from to these areas, take it back where you’re at. But you fail to realize y’all are hurting more than just the people you are killing. Y’all didn’t just hurt that child. Y’all killed that child.”

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