Son who Killed Father and Father’s Girlfriend Facing Murder Charges

Ross Stacy, aged 32 from Pulaski County is being charged with two counts of murder after he admitted over the weekend to the murder of his father, 59-year-old Loss Stacy and his girlfriend 56-year-old Mary Kurek.

The two bodies were found by Stacy’s sibling on the night of March 9 in the home his sibling had been renting from him on the 3900 block of W 200 North in Winamac.

Inside six hours, Indiana State Police troopers and Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies requested Ross to come in for questioning.

During the interview, Stacy confessed to committing the two murders.

According to Pulaski County Prosecutor Daniel Murphy, “In most cases, where there’s a crime of violence, the victim and the aggressor are usually tied in some way. A lot of times, by, as a family member.”

The likely cause Ross said he got into an argument with his father, and after that when he and his girlfriend went to bed, Ross grabbed a shotgun and shot both of them a total of four times in their bedroom, according to the affidavit.

He said in the PCA that he left for a motel less than a day later.

“As far as I can recall, it’s the only double murder that we’ve had since well last time I was a prosecutor, which was starting in 1982, and we’ve not had one since then,” said Prosecutor Murphy.

According to Loss Stacy’s closest neighbor, Mari Beth Benesh, “We were kind of shocked. We actually didn’t know he had a son. We kind of don’t communicate a lot. We’re kind of spaced out here in the country. We actually didn’t know about anything until my husband came home Friday night and noticed a whole bunch of cops were down there with their lights flashing.”

The victims were pronounced dead by the coroner just after midnight on March 10.

Ross told investigators he killed the couple just after midnight on March 6th.

“Just in the little community we have here, don’t really think that anything like that would happen. It was a shocker,” said Benesh.

The autopsies were completed on Sunday, but the report has not been released.


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