Salem Police Charged with DUI, Hit-and-Run Resigns


According to police reports, a Salem police officer has resigned after charges of DUI and other crimes in an incident that occurred in February in which he allegedly side-swiped a parked car.

According to reports by the Statesman Journal on Tuesday, 39-year-old Omar DeMarco resigned on March 12 from the Salem Police Department.

A Polk County Sheriff’s Office citation shows DeMarco was involved in the crash at 2:42 a.m. Feb. 17 in West Salem.

Charges including the DUI as well as criminal mischief and hit-and-run were filed against DeMarco on April 6.

Polk County Sheriff Mark Garton said Salem police responded to the crash initially but called in the sheriff’s office when they learned one of the vehicles involved belonged to one of their own officers. 

Salem police spokesman Lt. Treven Upkes said DeMarco worked for the police department for eight years. 

“Due to his employment with our agency, on-scene supervisors determined it best an outside agency take over the investigation,” Upkes said. 

Garton said at first, DeMarco’s girlfriend claimed she was the one who crashed into the car. During the follow-up investigation, DeMarco admitted to driving the vehicle, saying his girlfriend was trying to help him. Investigators later learned alcohol was involved in the crash. 

DeMarco is accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, damaging another vehicle and failing to stop and perform the duties of a driver after the crash. 

All three charges are Class A misdemeanors. DeMarco is scheduled to stand trial on May 30. 

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