Rideshare Local Driver Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Passenger

A rideshare company driver from Everett is facing sexual assault charges after police say he was working for a ride share company when he assaulted a woman.

According to Boston police, a call was received from Northeastern University police who had halted a driver around 1 a.m. Sunday.

Ranjan Thapa told police he was the driver of rideshare and was taking a female passenger home.

An observation was made that made them believe that the woman had all the earmarks of being in trouble as well as may have been the casualty of a sexual assault, according to the University Police.

The victim was immediately taken to a hospital.

After a subsequent investigation by Boston police, the 26-year-old driver was arrested. Thapa told police that it was the lady who grabbed him first and that he knew it wasn’t right since she was intoxicated.

Uber says it has banned Thapa from driving for them. 

Thapa likewise drove for Lyft. They released the following statement:

“These allegations are deeply disturbing, and our concern is with the victim. While this did not happen on the Lyft platform, this driver has been permanently deactivated. We stand ready to assist in any way we can.” (www.fox25boston.com)

Thapa was arraigned on rape charges on Monday morning where he pleaded not guilty. His bail was set at $10,000.



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