Pervert Indicted in Sexual Assault of 5-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl After He Allegedly Posed as a Doctor

According to court documents, a pervert who pretended to be a doctor to get a little girl into a basement stairwell and molest her has been indicted by a Brooklyn grand jury.

Abraham Samotin, who was arrested on May 17 pleaded not guilty on Friday in the sexual assault of the 5-year-old girl.

Despite the fact that he verified his image in surveillance photographs with the child, he claimed he was not assaulting her, authorities said.

“I saw her and thought she needed help,” Samotin told police. “I walked across the street and told her that I am a doctor and wanted to check her for bruises or if she was bleeding from her private part.”

According to the statements, Samotin, 27, said he was concerned the girl was the victim of abuse and walked with her to the basement stairwell outside of her Crown Heights home on May 16.

“I kissed her on her cheek and stomach to calm her down,” said the sicko, who denied kissing her anywhere else after moving her underwear to the side during his “examination.”

Samotin said he heard the child screaming as he walked away from the building and “started to run because I thought something bad happened.”

Samotin’s photograph was released by officials after his arrest in the event other children have been assaulted.

The career criminal, who has two other pending cases on burglary and theft charges, faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted on the top charge of committing a first-degree criminal sex act. He’s also charged with sexual abuse in the first and second degrees, sexual misconduct, endangering the welfare of a child and harassment.

Samotin was remanded at his arraignment Friday afternoon.

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