Peabody Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Fleeing in a Taxi

According to a police report, a bank robbery suspect was arrested in Boston on Monday afternoon after running from Peabody in a taxi.

Leo Willwerth, 31, of East Boston, was halted by state troopers around 3:15 p.m. near the junction of Route 93 and Melnea Cass Boulevard, police said.

Willwerth allegedly “made reference to a bomb” and robbed a Bank of America branch in Peabody earlier in the day, according to Peabody Police Captain Dennis Bonaiuto.

Willwerth at that point ran across the street to the parking lot of the North Shore Mall, where he met up with a woman, jumped into a taxi, and ran from the scene, Bonaiuto said.

Police are uncertain about who called the taxi and when, and about the nature of the woman’s contribution.

Willwerth is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday in Peabody District Court on bank robbery charges. The woman may also face charges.

“There could be additional charges relative to what happened in the taxi,” Bonaiuto said. “Did they force the driver to deviate?”

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