Oklahoma Teens Pleads Not Guilty in Rape Case


Four ex Bixby high school football players who were charged with sexually assaulting a teammate in Oklahoma have pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault.

17-year old Samuel Lakin, 16-year old Joe Wood, 17-year old William Thomas and 17-year old Colton Cable were charged with one count of rape by instrumentation.

According to reports by the Tulsa World, the high school students entered their pleas on Wednesday.

The victim who is 16-year-old told investigators that the incident happened at the home of the school district’s former superintendent and that he was assaulted with a pool cue amid a team dinner in September.

The victim said he was assaulted by one player while he was held down by three others, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

According to prosecutors, it took the school leadership eight days to report what was first considered “an alleged hazing incident.”

Investigators have said the officials’ slack in reporting the incident may have endangered their capacity to recoup key proof.

Superintendent Kyle Wood resigned from the suburban Tulsa district in December in the midst of the aftermath.

Clark Brewster, a lawyer who is representing another of the accused teens, has said the teens associated with the case were “engaging in playful behavior that was reciprocal.”

Each of the teens has been discharged on $25,000 bonds since they were booked into and released from the Tulsa Jail as youthful offenders on March 1. It’s unclear if they’ve been permitted on campus since being accused of the crime.



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