New Assistant Commissioner for Counter Terrorism

Neil Basu has been appointed as the new Assistant Commissioner responsible for leading counter terrorism policing nationally, it has been confirmed today. Mr Basu will take over from AC Mark Rowley as head of the Met’s Specialist Operations when AC Rowley retires later this month. Currently Mr Basu is the Senior National Coordinator for counter terrorism policing and AC Rowley’s deputy, a position he has held since October 2016. “I am delighted that Neil is joining our senior team. He takes on a job of enormous importance and responsibility leading counter terrorism policing nationally and in London and is a worthy successor to Mark Rowley. Neil has the skills, experience and character we need. He has already undertaken some of the toughest jobs in policing, not least in the last year as senior national coordinator countering terrorism and has proven how good his judgment and resilience is. He is a leader of courage, compassion and integrity and I know he will do a great job.” Mr Basu said: “It is a privilege to be asked to join the management board of the Met and to lead for CT policing at such a point in our history. It is both a challenge and a duty that I accept with humility and a sense of great purpose.

Source: New Assistant Commissioner for Counter Terrorism

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