Mother Arrested After She Sexually Abused Her 8-Year-Old Daughter and Tried to Prostitute Her Out for $100

A Texas woman is accused of sex acts with her eight-year-old daughter and afterward trying to sell the girl’s body for sex.

Carrie Songer Kelly, 44, of Lone Oak near Dallas was caught after a police sting allegedly discovered graphic videos on her phone.

Everything started after a man who met Kelly through a mobile messaging app started chatting with the mother-of-one.

Kelly expressed that she wanted to bring him a child for sex in exchange for $100 in cash. 

The man went to the police where he lived in Wayne, Nebraska who then contacted police in Texas about a possible sex trafficking report. 

According to authorities, the man said he continued to communicate with Kelly until the point when he could file a report with law enforcement and then let a female officer use his account in order to communicate with the woman. 

The discussion about using Kelly’s child for sex continued as she allegedly proposed the idea of engaging in sexual relations with the child in exchange for cash.  

Further investigation revealed that Kelly had access to few other kids according to the Longview News-Journal.

Police then decided to set up the sting operation with Kelly consenting to meet with the woman in order to have sex with her daughter. 

Kelly did not show up to the meeting but rather continued unbeknownst to the officer telling them that she had got hold of some child pornography and had previously engaged in sexual abuse of children.

The police officer and a Child Protective Services investigator finally found Kelly on January 4 at a school at which point Kelly confessed to communicating with the officer about an exchange of sex with a child for money.

Two videos were also found on Kelly’s phone with both allegedly showing her engaging in sex acts with her eight-year-old daughter.

Kelly is currently being held in Gregg County Jail on $200,000 bond and is charged with sexual performance of a child younger than 14.


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