Medford Pastor Facing 20 Years in Prison after Pleading Guilty to Sexual Assaults

According to Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, a Medford pastor has pleaded guilty to charges of sexual assault on four underage girls.

Harry L. Thomas, 74, of Come Alive Church, is facing up to 20 years in prison under a plea agreement.

Thomas was arrested in December after being accused of assaulting four minors and authorities admonished other victims to contact the prosecutor’s office.

He also admitted to “inappropriate interaction” with a fifth minor during the hearing on Friday.

The filthy crimes occurred in Medford between 1991 and 2015, according to the prosecutor’s office.

A spokesman of the church said charges against Thomas were not related to his roles at the church or two related ministries which are: Creation Festivals, a promoter of Christian music concerts and Come Alive International, a missionary organization.

It provided no information about the victims, saying it wanted to protect their privacy.

According to information from the internet, Thomas founded the church in 1983 and held its first service in a local school.

A Christian rock radio broadcast, the Come Alive Show was previously launched in 1973 by Thomas and he later founded Creation Fest which is now a multi-day event that bills itself as the nation’s largest Christian music festival.

Thomas will be sentenced by Superior Court Judge Jeanne Covert on June 22 and the sentence will be without parole, prosecutor’s office said.



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