Man Sentenced to Three Months in Jail for His 5th DUI Conviction

A man was sentenced and convicted of his fifth DUI to serve 90 days in jail by Reno County judge on Friday.

The sentence by District Judge Trish Rose was a departure from a recommendation under a plea agreement in the case which stated that the man serves just 48 hours in jail.

Christopher Lahey, 36, who told the court he now lives in Moscow, pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence, third and ensuing offense.

He was arrested after a non-injury crash on November 10 at 17th Avenue and Lorraine Street and blew a 0.323 breath alcohol level which is four times the legal limit.

 “I don’t understand how you’re continuing to drive when you’ve had such a long struggle with alcohol,” Rose said. “It’s one thing to struggle with addiction, but not the driving. The number of you people you’re putting at risk…”

Lahey was sentenced by Rose to a year in jail but granted him probation after 90 days.

“I hope this does it for you, makes the point, because in 20-plus years you haven’t gotten it,” she said.

Rose also ordered a $1,750 fine and $729 in restitution.

Records revealed that Lehay has three misdemeanor DUI convictions, starting in 1996 in Elkhart, with later arrests in Finney and Sedgwick counties, as well as a June 6 felony conviction stemming from a stop in Bel Aire. He also has misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession and transporting a loaded firearm.

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