Man Charged with Sexual Assault of a Child Under 15

A La Crosse man is being charged with sexual assault of a child under the age of 13 following the report of another minor who asserted that 41-year-old Vanin Dell McKinnon touched her genitals with his hands between July and August 2017. The girl says she was at her friend’s house when the assault occurred.

McKinnon is charged with first-degree child sexual assault. 

According to the criminal complaint, investigators believe the victim’s Mother and Grandmother knew about the assault, however, neglected to protect the child.

The minors were watching a movie in a bedroom when McKinnon sat down between them and touched both of them between their legs, the complaints also stated.

When one of the victim’s Mother was told of the assault, she said “no he didn’t, that’s not true”, according to the complaint.

According to court papers, the minor also witnessed the victim being assaulted during a sleepover, and said when the victim cried out for McKinnon to stop, he wouldn’t and the victim’s Mother ignored her cries.

McKinnon made his first court appearance in La Crosse on Thursday. Bond was set at $10,000 which will cover this and another child sexual assault case against McKinnon.

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