Man Charged in DUI Crash that Killed a Young Father

Police have reported that a man was indicted in a DUI crash that led to the death of a young father.

Shemetris Winfrey said she has known her child’s father since they were in the 7th grade at Trezevant Junior High.

He was an aspiring rapper that worked at a local packing company who loved his children, but that was all taken away last October.

Around  2:30 in the morning last October, 31-year-old Christopher Terrell was driving east on I-40 near Covington Pike.

“I guess he had just been out. He was actually on his way home when the accident occurred,” Winfrey said.

According to Memphis Police Department, the father of two was hit head-on by a drunk driver.

Jose Rodriguez, 24, was going in the wrong direction on the interstate. He was officially charged on Thursday with vehicular homicide.

“The Shelby County Grand Jury has reviewed the case and returned a true bill and indicted Mr. Rodriguez,” District Attorney Amy Weirich said.

Terrell’s case is just one of hundreds DUI cases to be tried in Shelby County.

Just last year, Weirich said her office took on about 1,400 new DUI cases.

She said there is a unit in her office committed solely to DUI prosecution with an 85-90 percent conviction rate.

“We have fairly tough laws in the state of Tennessee, and we’ve gotta make sure we do everything we can to hold people accountable and send that message we’re not going to tolerate drunk driving in this community. Too many lives are lost,” Weirich said.

But all Winfrey really wanted is for her 2-year-old son to have known his father.

“It’s sad because it’s a senseless death that could have been avoided,” she said.


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