Man Arrested for Sexual Assault on Miami Beach

Reports from authorities’ claims 23-year-old O’Sullivan from West Park has been arrested by Police for sexually assaulting a woman along Miami Beach.

The report says a woman was walking on the beach near 15t Street when O’Sullivan moved toward her. They talked for a few minutes before he began to touch her against her will, as reported by Miami Beach police.

She said she told O’Sullivan to stop, pulled away and told O’Sullivan that she wanted to go home and told him repeatedly that she does not want to go closer to the ocean with him, police said.

O’Sullivan refused and started touching her and then he asked her to kiss him. When she refused, he picked her up over his shoulder and took her closer to the shoreline where he assaulted her, police said.

The victim said her mobile phone rang various times which made O’Sullivan halt. She said she refused to scream or fight because she was afraid that O’Sullivan might hurt her.

It was reported by the police that O’Sullivan contacted her after the incident through social media and asked to meet. She contacted the police and a meeting was set up by detectives who were waiting for him when he arrived.

O’Sullivan is currently facing multiple charges including sexual battery and false imprisonment.

He is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami on a bond of more than $18,000.

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