Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Accused by Another Woman of Sexual Assault Inside Jail

Another woman has accused Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy of sexual assault which she claimed happened inside the jail.

The woman said the assault occurred in a faintly lit part of the jail.

The woman said the officer commanded her to remove her clothes, then grabbed her breasts. She claimed the deputy forced her into sexual acts over and over, threatening to remove her from educational classes if she didn’t go along.

The woman’s assertions are the most recent to surface against Giancarlo Scotti, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who was arrested in September and charged with sexually assaulting six inmates at the women’s jail where he worked.

The former inmate, who made the allegations in a lawsuit filed on Friday, also claims Sheriff Jim McDonnell and other county officials had been informed of Scotti’s behavior and put the deputy on probation but allowed him to maintain contact with inmates. It was at this time, in August of last year, that the woman claims she was assaulted.

The woman could be one of the six victims included in the criminal case against the deputy, said one of the woman’s lawyers, Araksya Boyadzhyan. The attorney said her client was interviewed by internal department investigators about the incidents but has not received a subpoena.

Anthony Falangetti who is the lawyer representing Scotti in the criminal case did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Friday evening.

According to the lawsuit, the 41-year-old inmate was six months into serving a DUI sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood when Scotti approached her in a recreational area where there was insignificant lighting.

She said the deputy demanded that she show her breasts. The lawsuits say when she tried to refuse, he told her, “You do what I say, or else it is going to be really bad for you here.”

The lady could be one of the six casualties incorporated into the criminal body of evidence against the delegate, said one of the lady’s legal counselors, Araksya Boyadzhyan. The lawyer said her customer was met by inward division examiners about the episodes, however, has not gotten a subpoena.

According to her complaint, in another incident, Scotti, 31, placed the woman’s hand on his penis, and on other occasions, he forcibly kissed her.

The woman was caught on surveillance video during at least one of the assaults, Boyadzhyan said. The lawyer said officials would have known about the act by taking a look at the footage but did not remove Scotti for at least several days.

“Deputy Scotti is still relieved of duty without pay,” department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said late Friday. “We are aware of the civil claim and have been investigating the allegations.”

A report issued by independent auditors found that the Century facility is lingering behind on implementing federal requirements designed to forestall sexual assault and harassment in jails and prisons.

The discoveries, made public in March, said the lockup was out of an agreement on nearly every standard set by the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. Auditors noted that some inmates could be seen while showering and that complaints could be intercepted by officers who might be the targets of allegations.

The Sheriff’s Department, which runs the jail, has said it has made some improvements, including educating inmates about their rights and on how to file complaints.

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