Local School Bus Driver Charged with DUI

According to a police report, a school bus driver was seen drunk inside a bus with a whiskey bottle outside the Clark School in Washington.

John Mcumar was arrested by police on Thursday. Police also said he appeared at the Intermediate Unit 1 smelling of alcohol.

As indicated by the police, Mcumar rang the bell at the front door of the school and disregarded the secretary who attempted to respond. 

The secretary immediately told the school officer, who went to the front door, where he saw Mcumar. He told police Mcumar was vexed and yelled profanities at him.

The officer at that point called Washington City police.

Police said Mcumar confessed to drinking and police found an empty whiskey bottle in the van. 

According to police, Mcumar’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Clark School officials released the following statement:

“At no time were students put at risk throughout the investigation. The bus company was notified immediately and sent a replacement van and driver before dismissal time.”

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