Lexington Mother and Son Charged with Drug Trafficking After Large Amounts of Drugs was Found in Their Apartment

Hundreds of grams of heroin and $160,000 in cash were discovered in a Lexington apartment building by officers on Tuesday and a mother, her son and a relative have been arrested and charged, police said.

According to arrest citations, Dorothy Waide, 59, and her son, Quincinio, 41, were charged with aggravated drug trafficking charges following a police search which yielded thousands of dollars in cash, cocaine wrappers and over 280 grams of heroin between the two of them.

Police spokeswoman Brenna Angel said that 280 grams of heroin would go for about $28,000 on the street.

Vance Waide, 35, was charged with cocaine possession and evidence tampering. Amid an arraignment in district court on Wednesday, Vance was identified by his mother to be Quincinio Waide’s cousin.

Police discovered marijuana in Quincinio Waide’s vehicle and he admitted to police that there was marijuana in his apartment on Douglas Avenue. Police carried out a search warrant at his and his mother’s apartment which was located directly below his, according to the arrest citation.

“Large amounts of drugs were located in both apartments,” one arrest citation read.

Vance Waide was present amid the search. According to court records, he broke through the ceiling of an apartment below. Detectives found drywall, insulation, and cocaine on his person and discovered baggies that had been rinsed out.

In Dorothy Waide’s apartment, police allegedly discovered a safe that had about 226 grams of heroin and about $100,000 cash. The arrest citation also said there was a handgun on top of the safe.

In Quincinio Waide’s apartment, police discovered about 56 grams of heroin, about $60,000 cash and a kilogram cocaine wrapper. He was also charged with marijuana possession.

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