Jonesborough Man Charged with Sexual Assault and Robbery

According to a court record by the Johnson City police, a Jonesborough man was charged with sexually assaulting a woman and then stealing her purse and using her keys to enter her residence.

Randall E. Bennett, 34, of 394 Charlie Hicks Road, was arrested on Sunday following the woman’s report to the police on Saturday that she had been robbed and sexually assaulted by a man she knew.

Bennett was charged with robbery, sexual battery, and aggravated burglary. He was held in the Washington County Detention Center on $25,000 bond with an arraignment set for Tuesday in Sessions Court.

According to the court document, the woman came in contact with Bennett at McDonald’s 1710 W. Market St. The woman told police she permitted Bennett to enter her residence to use the restroom. After they got inside, Bennett began acting irregularly, and she said it was evident he was on some sort of drug. After this, the woman asked him to leave, and as he left, she did as well.

The woman was tried to go back to McDonald’s where her boyfriend was. Before she could arrive there, Bennett allegedly grabbed her by her throat and punched her in the stomach. Police said he took a small purse from the woman, then grabbed her by the butt and claimed he was going to have sex with her. The woman fought with Bennett and succeeded to get away and make it back to McDonald’s.

The woman’s mother, who also lives in the apartment, told police when she came home on the night of the incident, she saw the door was cracked open. When she got into the apartment, she was challenged by Bennett, who then made his way out of the apartment. The woman’s mother said Bennett’s shorts appeared to be full of items and that the apartment had been “rummaged through,” as if Bennett was searching for something.


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