Iowa Man Arrested in Attempted Murder Case

An Iowa man wanted regarding an attempted murder earlier this month was arrested and bonded out of the Knox County jail on Wednesday.

Lauren D. “Tyler” Valerius, 19, from Davenport, Iowa, was booked into the county facility, 152 S. Kellogg St., at 3:39 p.m. on Wednesday on a warrant in connection to the Nathan Goehl stabbing in the late hours of June 3 at his home in the 1400 block of Monmouth Boulevard, according to a jail booking sheet.

Valerius is charged with Knoxville teens Hayden T. Clark, 18, South Market Street in Knoxville; Bradley P. Detmers, 19, Westview Drive in Knoxville; and Matthew D. Hale, 19, South Market Street in Knoxville. They made a court appearance earlier this week and all pleaded not guilty and demanded jury trials.

Valerius posted a $20,000 bond, yet it was not immediately clear if he would undergo electronic monitoring while out on bond like the Knoxville trio. Detmers also has posted bond.

Valerius bail was set higher on the ground that it was set in an arrest warrant while Circuit Judge Raymond Cavanaugh set bail at $100,000, $10,000 needed to get out of jail, for the Knoxville trio.

The four teens are charged with: Class X felony solicitation of murder; Class X felony attempted first-degree murder/accountability; felony conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and felony aggravated battery/accountability.

Those charges basically claim that the four teens urged each other to stab Goehl in the back and chest, which caused a collapsed lung, after ambushing him in his home in the 1400 block of Monmouth Boulevard on June 3.

The accountability charges mean the accused, or one for whose conduct the defendant is legally responsible, committed the alleged acts. Authorities have said Hale, Detmers, and Clark had knives and stabbed Goehl while Valerius served as a lookout. The alleged plan was to kill Goehl and burglarize his home, according to Galesburg Police.

The booking sheet said Valerius will make the first appearance at 9 a.m. Friday in Knox County Circuit Court.

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