Hawkins County Contractor Charged with Theft

According to the state Comptroller’s Office, a Hawkins County contractor alleged that he’d executed tests of wastewater treatment systems at several Hawkins County schools but really just kept the money to himself without doing the work.

A Hawkins County grand jury on Monday indicted Shawn Hatchett on a felony count of theft over $60,000 as well as a forgery count and 55 counts of violation of the Water Pollution Control Act, according to the Comptroller’s Office.

This is the second time Hatchett has been charged. In April, a Hawkins County grand jury indicted him for theft over $250,000, as well as single counts of official misconduct and theft over $60,000.

Hatchett is an ex-superintendent of the Rogersville Water Department, and he had been a contractor for the Hawkins County Board of Education.

Hatchett submitted claims for and got $64,800 in fees from the Board of Education from April 2011 to December 2017, according to the Comptroller’s Office.

“Investigators found that Hatchett did not perform the work he was paid to do,” a release from the Comptroller’s Office states.

No samples were tested at the Rogersville sewer treatment plant laboratory despite Hatchett’s claims.

Also, no logs, notes or records were found that documented Hatchett’s use of the laboratory, the Comptroller’s Office claims.

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