Former Flagstaff Elementary School Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

Ex Flagstaff Elementary School teacher Ted Komada who was arrested on January 16 on suspicion of assaulting two children has been charged formally with three counts of sexual assault, one count of molestation and one count of continuous sexual assault of a child.

Komada was a teacher and chess coach at Killip Elementary of 14 years. He resigned as a teacher after he was arrested. He told a witness, was name was withheld that he never assaulted any of his students, according to the police.

The district has made all of the needed reports about the arrest and resignation to the Arizona Department of Education and has made steps to guarantee that Komada is no longer permitted on any campus or otherwise be part with the district

Komada was named STEM teacher of the year by FUSD in 2016. The date of Komada’s next hearing has not yet been set.

He is still awaiting trial in the Coconino County jail on a $25,000 bond.


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