Evans Man Sentenced to 224 Years to Life in Child Sexual Assault and Internet Exploitation Case

An Evans man charged with sexually assaulting a minor from Weld County, and abusing many others throughout the country, was sentenced in Weld District Court to 224 years to life in prison on Friday.

Weld District Court Judge Thomas Quammen imposed the maximum sentence against Zachary Myers, 24, who was convicted in April of 19 charges relating to child sexual assault and internet exploitation of a child. Seventeen of the 19 charges were felonies.

The case drew attention from national media given Myers’ desire for preying on young girls all through the country using the instant messaging app, KiK. The victims, the lion’s share of whom still haven’t been identified, were forced through a variety of manipulation tactics by Myers to send him naked photos over the internet. Myers often told his victims he would kill himself if they didn’t do as he asked. Not less than three underage girls, including one in Evans, were raped by Myers.

“Those who see this story today in Greeley, Colorado, in New York, in Miami, and in Chicago will see that when you commit these types of crimes in Weld County, we will hold you accountable,” Quammen said, noting he can’t remember a case during his years on the bench in which there were so many out-of-state witnesses. “If that doesn’t deter someone from committing these types of crimes, I don’t know what will.”

Myers appeared for his sentencing hearing on Friday in the Weld County Jail’s standard orange jumpsuit, wearing a carefree smirk on his face.

The sentencing hearing started with testimony from Evans police Cmdr. Dan Ranous, who revealed for the first time that while imprisoned at the Jefferson County Jail on a similar, but unrelated case, Myers’ attempted to arrange the murders of two Jeffco Sheriff’s deputies and his three Colorado rape victims.

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