Eau Claire Woman Arrested and Charge of Repeated Child Sexual Assault

An Eau Claire woman, Michelle Mayer has been accused of letting men sexually assault two children in exchange for money, drugs, and alcohol.

According to Police, the started when the boy and girl were six and nine years old respectively and it was coordinated by Mayer. A private source assessed that the children were assaulted each other day for nine years.

According to the source, Mayer received money or drugs from men in order for them to take naked pictures of the children or they sexually assault them.

Mayer is additionally accused of injecting the children with meth in order to keep them awake so that they could be assaulted for long and in return she gets either cash or drugs.

The private source likewise said that if the children challenged Mayer in regards to being sexually assaulted, she would beat them and she once hit one with a baseball bat.

Mayer is charged with being party to the crime of repeated child sexual assault. If convicted she faces 80 years in prison. 

She is expected in court in April. 

Police are still investigating, and are now trying to get the men allegedly involved in the assaults. Police also said that a safety plan has been put in place for the children’s care.

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