Clerks Arrested for Selling Marijuana to Teen at Metro Gas Station

According to police reports, two gas station clerks have been arrested after an off-duty sheriff’s deputy accused them of giving his 18-year-old daughter marijuana inside the convenience store.

At about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night at Northwest 178th Street and North Pennsylvania Avenue, the teenager and her father pulled into Kwik Track. The teenager reported going inside to get a drink and when she got to the checkout line, she told officers the clerk extended his hand.

The teen told investigators she thought the male clerk wanted a “fist-bump,” but then he told her to open her hand. She said the two clerks gave her marijuana and told her that they would, “have more next time.”

“She went back out to her car and told her dad, who happened to be an off-duty police officer. He called the police and waited on them to respond,” Oklahoma City Police Public Information Officer Megan Morgan said.

When officers got to the convenience store, they searched the two clerks, Ellsworth Lolar, 26, and Jalin Lolar, 22, as well as their cars.

Authorities also searched the store and security camera footage.

According to officers, white powder lines were discovered behind the register and video evidence shows they made multiple transactions with customers.

“They had about a pound and a half of marijuana as well as a small amount of cocaine on them,” Officer Morgan said.

The teen’s mother posted on Nextdoor, a social media service for neighborhoods, to warn neighbors.

“I go there at all times of the day and at no time have I ever seen anything that led me to believe that’s where activity was going on,” Charlie Epperly who lives nearby said.

According to reports, the two men struggled with officers during the arrest.

Upon further investigation, officers also discovered scales and glass jars with marijuana inside with cellophane wrap.

“One of the suspects would go back to the backroom multiple times, which is where some of the marijuana was located, and they were having hand-to-hand transactions with customers inside the store,” Officer Megan Morgan said.

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