Chicopee Man Arrested on 5th OUI-Drugs Charge

A Chicopee man has been arrested after he was found blocking traffic on Beech Street late on August 23, according to the arrest report.

Elvis J. Luckham, 29, didn’t appear to be particularly bothered as a Holyoke police officer shot him in the arm with a taser because he was allegedly high on PCP.

He looked at the officer for a moment, then responded in a calm, soft voice, “ouch” according to the arrest report.

Luckham was sitting in his Honda Civic, which had stopped for no observable reason. Traffic was backing up when police got to the scene and found Luckham with a bag of PCP on his lap and a blank expression on his face, the report said.

“He kept mumbling but I was not able to make out the words,” Officer Rafael Roca wrote in the report.

As more officers got to the scene, the suspect became restless and decline to get out of the car. As he struggled with police, Luckham displayed unusual strength, a common sign of PCP intoxication, the report said.

The suspect was finally arrested and booked on four charges: operating under the influence of drugs (fifth offense), driving with a license revoked as a habitual traffic offender, possession of a Class B substance (subsequent offense) and resisting arrest.

In addition to the bag of PCP on Luckham’s lap, a PCP-laced cigar was discovered in the vehicle, according to the report.

Amid a detention hearing on Thursday in Holyoke District Court, Assistant District Attorney Keeley Rice requested for the defendant to be held without right to bail, citing his history of operating under the influence and drug arrests, plus his status of being on probation on drug charges.

Luckham poses an excessive incredible threat to the public to be released on bail and should be detained under the state’s dangerousness statute, Rice said.

Judge Jacklyn Connly discovered that the defendant met the legal criteria for dangerousness, but set bail at $500 with several conditions.

Luckham must stay away from drugs and alcohol and submit to random testing, report twice a week to his probation officer, observe an 11 p.m. curfew, seek treatment for substance abuse and continue efforts to find a job, the judge ruled.

Luckham is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on Sept. 27.

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