APD Officer Relieved of Duty After Being Accused of Misconduct

An investigation is in progress into allegations of misconduct by an Atlanta Police officer

According to APD’s Carlos Campos, the department relieved Officer Gabriel Duarte was relieved of his duty immediately by the department, after learning of misconduct allegations.

Campos said being relieved of duty means Duarte is currently without enforcement powers.

The department said they learned about the allegations on Thursday, but did not state what they were. Duarte has been on the police force for two years.

Read the full statement below:

We were made aware by department supervisors early on Thursday morning of an allegation of misconduct against Officer Gabriel Duarte. We are taking these allegations seriously and have opened an investigation into the matter. We will share the findings with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any criminal acts were committed.

The department relieved Officer Duarte of duty immediately upon learning of the allegations. He is currently without enforcement powers and will remain so until the investigation is complete.

There is nothing more important to us than upholding the trust placed in our officers by the public and we have a duty to thoroughly pursue the facts of this case.

According to Campos, Duarte joined the force in March 2016. His most recent assignment was as a patrol officer in southeast Atlanta’s Zone 3 precinct. Police say he has no prior record of disciplinary history with the department.

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