30 Arrested by Ventura County Task Forces 2-month Heroin Delivery Service Bust

30 people have been arrested by Ventura County sheriff’s deputies and several law enforcement agencies in a two-month investigation concerning heroin delivery services. A pound of heroin, $80,000 cash, 10 guns and three vehicles were also seized.

According to reports from authorities, there have been 149 opioid overdoses in Thousand Oaks and at least 1,819 throughout Ventura County since February 2012. The vast majority of those overdoses were not deadly and came about because of both heroin and medicine opioids. From that point forward, authorities in the county have been investigating drug trafficking organizations and its delivery services.

A delivery service working under the name of Art’s or Flaco’s and was associated with delivering heroin several times each day to clients in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Simi Valley was discovered by deputies in special units in January.

Los Angeles resident Jose Zepeda, 45, was the leader of a delivery service, as revealed by an investigation. Leaders of drug delivery services are the most noteworthy members who commonly select and vet workers and organize deliveries of drugs and drug proceeds amongst Mexico and the United States.

Zepeda was additionally found to be a dispatcher, who is in charge of organizing clients’ incoming orders and dispatching drivers to convey drugs.

Zepeda employed three other drivers from the Los Angeles area who were identified as Ruben Correa, 34, Eduardo Garcia, 21, and Miguel Garcia, 27, according to authorities. From January to March, each driver were found delivering drugs in the county while detectives continued to build their case against the service.

Some of the drug transactions were observed by law enforcement personnel and Ventura County customers involved were also arrested.

Alexander Wisotsky, 33, was arrested on Feb. 26 at his Thousand Oaks home in the 500 block of West Gainsborough Road during one of those investigations. Wisotsky was discovered to be in possession of heroin for reselling, cash from drug sales and 10 guns by authorities.

Eduardo Garcia was also arrested by Los Angeles detectives in Simi Valley on Jan. 12 after he was found dealing heroin and was in possession of multiple bags that was about 750 doses.

After Eduardo Garcia’s was arrested, Correa and Miguel Garcia proceeded and did the vast majority of the drug deliveries. Be that as it may, on March 8, search warrants were issued on Zepeda, Correa and Miguel Garcia homes.

Zepeda was arrested at his home in the 11500 block of Poema Place in Los Angeles. More than $75,000 in suspected drug proceeds was found.

Correa was also arrested at his home in the 7600 block of Owensmouth Avenue in L.A. and was in possession of 6 ounces of heroin, about 1,500 doses worth. Miguel Garcia, who lived in the 17100 block of Roscoe Boulevard in L.A., was also arrested with the same amount of heroin.

Taking all things together, the investigation leads to the arrest of four delivery service members, four street-level dealers, and 22 customers.

All of the suspects have pending court dates and are all facing different sentences based on their level of involvement in the case.


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