17-Year-Old Charged in Harrisburg Robbery

A 17-year-old boy has been charged by Harrisburg Police for robbery and other charges for an incident over the weekend. 

Police was called concerning a reported robbery at Hamilton and Penn Streets. Officers say the victim was checking on an injured bird when a gray Honda Civic pulled up to where he was standing. 

A man came out of the vehicle and pointed a black handgun at the victim’s chest and demanded his possessions. 

The victim told police he gave the suspect his cell phone, and then was ordered to go on his knees when he was tapped down. 

The victim claimed a second man was present during the robbery and the suspects drove off immediately.

Officers stopped the suspected vehicle near North 6th and Emerald Streets. According to police, the vehicle was determined to have belonged to a victim of a robbery that happened on July 3, 2018.

In that incident, the victim’s keys and wallet were taken from him as he was assaulted by two men. 

The two men were identified as Steve Lincoln Jr. and Donnell Rhodes Jr.

Rhodes Jr. still had the victim’s phone in his hand. 

While the vehicle was searched by police, a black Daisy pellet gun was discovered, as well as a black replica AR-15 airsoft gun. The victim positively identified Rhodes as the man who pointed the gun at him and Lincoln as the other man present during the robbery. 

Because of the severity of the crime, Donnell Rhodes, Jr., a 17-year-old, was charged as an adult.  He was charged with one count each of robbery, simple assault by physical menace, possession of instruments of a crime, and receiving stolen property.

Steve Lincoln, Jr. was charged with two counts of robbery.

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